A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

It was a college project where it was supposed to flap with a clap, but it had some weird compatibility issues in other PCs so I made this alternate build where spacebar does everything. (Update: I might have fixed it! Downloads below as Clap Version)

  • It was made on Java, using the Swing API for graphics, because I'm just that weird.
  • May have slowdown, and I don't know if updating Java will help.
  • Hitboxes are unfair: it's a box surrounding the doggo, so you can still be hit in the empty space below the head.
  • Hi-score is lost when you close it, so if you want to flaunt it to someone else, keep the game open.
  • Clap Version has a volume threshold bar, and counts as clap everytime it goes above the threshold. Use the mouse wheel with the cursor over the bar to set the threshold.

Very special thanks to Eládia and Anderson. Even though they'd say I made it all alone, I probably wouldn't have finished if it weren't for them.

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Published Aug 08, 2017
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorThiago Bastos
Tags2D, infinite-runner

Install instructions

Have Java Runtime Environment installed, and then just run it.


LazorShowDoggo.jar 20 kB
LazorShowDoggo_ClapVer.jar 23 kB

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